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Auto or car insurance coverage has two parts. The first is the liability section of the policy. It covers your financial responsibility for injuring others. Some liability coverage is required by most states.
The second part of auto insurance covers the car itself: comprehensive coverage reimburses losses from fire, theft or other perils; collision coverage pays to repair losses caused by an accident. Often this coverage is mandated by leasing companies or banks. Utilizing high deductibles on the physical damage coverages can help reduce premiums.
Whether you are interested in motorcycle, motor home or automobile insurance, we can craft the perfect policy from our selection of carriers to suit your needs. In addition to competitive pricing and flexible coverage options, we offer discounts on multiple vehicles, as well as safety discounts.

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When it comes to turning in a claim, we know where to find qualified repair shops and guide you through the process to get you back on the road quickly with a quality repair.

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